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"Does your acne have a choke-hold on your private and social life with its unsightly, embarrassing break-outs that seem to creep out of nowhere?...


Discover the Breakthrough ‘Zit-Zapping‘ Strategies and Tactics That Are Purifying Faces Across the Globe and Could Be the Secret to Clearing YOURS, No Matter How Chronic or Severe You THINK Your Acne May Be!


For the First Time Ever, The Power to Vaporize Even the TOUGHEST Acne - Once and For All - Can Be YOURS When You Implement These Shockingly Effective Cures and Treatments That Are Leaving ‘Experts’ Speechless!"

From: Tom Elliott, Editor
Written Tuesday, 7:15 A.M.

Dear fellow sufferer,

"Pizza face!"

Yup, we've ALL had that card played on us at one moment or another in our lives.

So I probably don't need to remind you how insults like that can sometimes hurt even MORE than the acne itself.

I mean, yeah, of course zits - or spots, if you will - are irritating, but if back in high school you had a little less emotional grief from your peers, wouldn't that have given you an easier ride?

Of course it would!

It may not have gotten rid of your spots, but it will have definitely eased the pain so that you are not constantly thinking about them.

"Believe Me, I've Been in Exactly the Same Situation... ...And it Ain't Pleasant!"

You see, it seems to stay embedded in your mind (well, at least for me it did anyway) that anyone and everyone you talk to is actually talking or looking directly at your zits, when in actual fact, they aren't.

Another dreadful thing I remembered from my teenage years was waking up in the morning, and first thing looking in the mirror.

Not in the hope that my acne would have cleared, but in the hope that I had a few less zits than the day before (I know, sad, huh?)!

Now THAT, my friend, is some emotional trauma - as I'm sure you can imagine, and I'm sure you have you own stories too!

It really can affect you, and sometimes you feel like not going to work because of that humongous spot on the end of your nose, or on the edge of your lip.

"But Here's Something that Continues to Amaze Me..."

How is it that a few lucky kids seem to whiz through high school without EVER having a single blemish on their face?

How is it that that same few "lucky" individuals never had the same problems people like you and me had - and probably, to this day, still never have?

How is it that even for some of the other guys and gals who DO get spots.. seem to only get the odd one or two.. every so often? Much less than you do.

Well, unfortunately, that's just life.

"It's Tough, YES, it's Unfair, YOU BET!... ...But it Doesn't Have to be - Not Anymore!"

If you’ve exhausted all the options you thought were available and are ready to give up... I URGE you to hold right there, and hear me out because I'm about the let the cat out of the bag.

By reading this today, you are literally moments away from discovering how these breakthrough dermatological therapies and procedures that I'll be talking about may be the miracle cure you’ve been holding out for.

And what's more, you don’t even have to go under the “knife!”

I'm being serious!

Expensive laser treatments or other diabolical surgeries and medications are not the only solutions. Oh no, far from it actually!...

"In Fact, I Invite You To Take a Closer Look at The Zit-Exterminating Secrets and Strategies that You'll Be Learning Today, in "Clearing Up Those Problem Zits Once and For All!"

Get a front-row seat to discover, on page 3, how acne sabotages the 4 primary functions of the skin to paint your face with a mosaic of zits, complete with a full-color diagram that makes understanding -- and beating -- acne easier than ever!

Acne isn’t the ONLY blemish that can surface on your face, and for the low-down on more than 4 other mirror-cracking blemishes, turn to page 11. Chances are, you may be suffering right now from a facial condition that is a dead-ringer for acne…but MUCH more serious!

Almost everyone who suffers from the embarrassing condition revealed on page 15 mistake it for acne, but if you check yourself for these 4 sure-fire symptoms, you’ll be confident that you have what you think you have -- once and for all!

Those seemingly unending “zit attacks” that seem to creep-up from nowhere probably have you scratching your head trying to figure out just where it all comes from. On page 18, I’ll reveal the truth about the 4 culprits of acne and their DEVIOUS methods of attack!

If you’ve been trying to treat the 3 factors disclosed on page 21 that have absolutely NOTHING to do with your acne, you’re not cleaning-out anything but your wallet -- see why the “know-it-alls” really know nothing at all!

If you think that the secret to zapping acne is to scrub, scrub, and scrub again, then you MUST turn to page 24, where I’ll dispel this commonly -- and incorrectly -- followed belief by discussing the REAL effects the 3 most used cleaners have on your face.

Your dermatologist might heartily recommend using a facial mask to combat your acne, but before it even TOUCHES your skin, make sure that you’ve followed the 3 unbreakable rules on page 26 -- you’ll raise an eyebrow when you read number one!

Don’t buy a single acne-fighting product until you’ve checked the label for the 11 essential ingredients disclosed on page 27 that are PROVEN to send acne running... leaving your face pristine and blemish-FREE! 

If you see even ONE of the harmful ingredients identified on page 28, don’t let it anywhere near your face…And believe it or not, many products formulated to fight acne contain every one of them and can actually make your condition WORSE!

I can almost GUARANTEE that every acne treatment / medication sold today contains at least one or even all of the 6 ingredients discussed on page 30, but if you heed my advice on the expert usage of these products, you’ll be a few steps CLOSER to beating acne without ANY of the painful, embarrassing side effects!

If you’d like to take advantage of the gentle healing powers of natural remedies, then you can’t afford to miss page 34, where I’ll pass-down the recipes for 7 therapeutic facial masks that have been trusted for centuries for their potent cleaning powers -- including the recipes for 2 masks specially formulated as gentle, effective astringents for oily skin!

WAKE-UP CALL: What you eat DOES make a difference in your skin! To discover the dirty little ingredient that can slather your face in the oils acne can’t resist, turn to page 37, where I’ll discuss not only how it sends acne on an uncontrollable rampage, but also the 5 foods that are just dripping with it (HINT: one of them is probably lurking in your pantry this very second!)

…But if you’ve eaten them all your life, it’s NEVER too late to realize your skin’s potential for purity by eating the 8 “miracle foods” on page 39 that have ironclad reputations for wiping acne right off your face and leaving it as spotless and smooth... as an infant’s!

I’ll finally lay truth to the speculation about exercise and its effect on acne beginning on page 40, and I’ll reveal the one beverage you should be drinking RIGHT NOW (and every day)!

Teenagers suffering from acne won’t want to skip the chapter that begins on page 43, where I’ll discuss how acne, hormones, and diet converge to cause embarrassing break-outs -- along with the disastrous MISTAKE that ALL teens make when it comes to treating acne!

If you think your cleaning products and routine are sufficient, then you better make sure your cleanser satisfies the 3 conditions listed on page 48... but even if it does, your cleaning efforts could literally be swirling down the drain if you’re not following my 5 expert cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing techniques disclosed on pages 49 and 50!

Often, acne sufferers themselves are their own worst enemies… in fact, there are so many destructive things people do to make their own acne even WORSE that I’ve dedicated an *entire chapter* -- which begins on page 53 -- to exposing the 5 glaring mistakes committed by acne suffers across the globe! (HINT: One of them is as simple as a single makeup ingredient! You can't afford NOT to hear this out...)


"And That's Just a Quick Summary of What You'll Find Inside Your Treasured Copy of" Clearing Up Those Problem Zits Once and For All" - That Barely Even Scratches the Surface!"

Now, let me ask you this:

(Bearing in mind that you CAREFULLY read the bullet points above...)

Do you really want to spend the rest of your life mending both physical and emotional scars that will never heal on their own?

Well, do you?

Or do you want to finally take control of your life, free yourself from the clutches of acne and eliminate those blemishes once and for all so that you can enjoy your life - happy, relaxed, and most of all... confident with your new look?

Having been in your position for the greater chunk of my life, I know EXACTLY which of the two *I* would personally choose.

However, you are a mature adult, and I can't and won't force you to take action.

"You Have to WANT to Take Action IMMEDIATELY!"

And judging by the fact that you landed on this page today, and also by the fact that you have read this far down - I can clearly tell - you want it bad, and now.

So why waste another minute?

You can start learning how to be spot free in seconds from now - for only $37!

Don't delay ordering today - Add To Cart

I shouldn't have to "convince" you any more that this is what you need.. because you should know yourself that this IS what you need.

It doesn't take a genius to add up the costs of just two or three different acne treatments and come to the same conclusion that I have...

...And that is that it will cost you more- both in the short term and definitely long term - by NOT ordering "Clearing Up Those Problem Zits Once and For All" now.

You only have to take into consideration maybe a months or so worth of spot cream (or whatever useless treatment you find yourself hypnotically buying), multiply that by the number of months you have left to live...

...And voila!

You realize that, by not getting your copy today, you will spend the rest of your life, and a huge chunk of your disposable income, trying to prevent or cover something that will just not go away without my help - and will make it worse.

The nightmare ends now!

Win the war against your acne...

Click Here Immediately to be Taken to Our Secure Order Form...

Oh and by the way - probably most important of all - IF you can't seem to agree with me that this book is worth AT LEAST TEN TIMES your investment today, then I urge you to enforce your rights (below) -->


Hope to see you soon :)

I'm looking forward to your positive feedback!

Tom Elliott

Editor at HealthEbookStore.com

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

P.S. # 1 - All your life, you‘ve had no choice but to throw up your hands while your acne takes control of the wheel. How much longer can you stand to live with something that makes something as trivial as stepping out of the house a humiliating affair?

P.S. # 2 - If I could only tell you one thing, it would be this: acne DOESN‘T heal on its own. No matter how hard you scrub your face or how many years you wait, your acne will never cease to pollute your face with the countless zits and scars you‘ve suffered with for years.

Ask yourself…one week, three weeks, 6 months, or even 10 years down the line, do you still want acne to be the first thing that greets you in the mirror every morning?

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