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Aromatherapy--The Smell of Natural Health

The scents of essential oils are used to bring helath benefits to many through Aromatherapy. Essential Oils are extracted from plants. It is different from using herbs as remedies as essential oils have a different chemical composition. The oils are distilled or compressed from various parts of plants are rich in aromatic compounds and also used for massage purposes in combination with Aromatherapy techniques. Even though aromas have long had health benefits, Aromatherapy is a twentieth century concept.

Essential oils have natural healing properties used in many ways and so Aromatherapy includes various methods of application. Aerial Diffusion may come in the forms of oils burners and steam therapies. You can directly inhale the scent for congestion relief and disinfection. Topical applications may include various massage techniques, in baths, on compresses or direct soaking.

For topical applications the essential oils are combined with a carrier oil that it for the skin. A common carrier oil is sweet almond oil. The theory behind Aromatherapy healing is the prevention of disease. The aromas have a positive effect on the brain, and the healing properties by direct application have shown to be extremely effective. Some of the more common essential oils are:

Tea Tree Oil

Every plant has an essential oil and every essential oil has healing properties. Some have been known for centuries and others may never be discovered. Many believe Mother Nature produces the cure for ecvery ailment, we have just yet to discover them.
Aromatherapy for Cynics